Top 3 bloggers about marketing in financial services

14 11 2010

Here are my top 3 bloggers about marketing in financial services:

1. Financial Services Blogs from

I recommend reading the following posts by Graham Charlton How Banks Make the Most of Social Media and Jeff Molander How banks can use social media and mobile apps

2. IFABloggerMarketing and Social Media sections

This blog brought to you by Richard Bishop offers practical suggestions for IFA marketing, including keyword tips and artworking hints.

3. Financial Services blogs from

This blog brought to you by Justin Basini contains a number of topical articles about the latest marketing developments for financial services sector in the UK.  Interesting blogs include Metro Bank – the future of UK retail banking and an excellent review of the Natwest Customer Charter, RBS/Natwest don’t make promises you can’t deliver  

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs from the excellent bloggers above. If so  you may also like my posts:

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5 really important things in marketing financial services

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